COSUGI Board Candidates

Candidates for COSUGI Board 2017-2018




Name:     Teddy Claypool

Title:         Automation Manager

Library:    Kanawha County Public Library

I am the Automation manager for a consortium of public and school libraries in West Virginia. I have served on two previous occasions as SIG/RUG Liaison and currently as Membership and Communications chair. During that time I have had the opportunity to work with not just the SirsiDynix board but the membership of COSUGI as well. I would like the opportunity to continue to serve libraries of all types.



Name:     Kay M. Dunker

Title:        Systems Librarian

Library:    Valley Library Consortium

I have worked at the Valley Library Consortium since 1997.  I started as a system administrator of a Dynix system.  The VLC moved to Horizon in 2004.   In addition to giving many presentations at CODI and COSUGI conferences throughout the years, I have served in various positions in the organizations.  I was the Chair of the CODI SQL Wiki Committee in 2007 and won the CODI Star Award for my involvement with that project. I was elected to the Board position of Conference Chair Elect in 2011, serving as the Conference Chair in 2013. I have continued to volunteer my time to help with the conference since then.

The COSUGI Board does three important things: prepares our annual users conference, advocates on behalf of all types libraries with SirsiDynix, and keeps abreast of ways we can make SirsiDynix products more beneficial to end users.  I believe my past involvement with CODI, COSUGI, and SirsiDynix make me a strong candidate for Chair Elect of COSUGI.




Name:     Michael Engelbrecht

Title:        Library Automation Systems Analyst

Library:    Charlotte Mecklenburg Library

As an active member of COSUGI since 2008, I would like to serve as your treasurer. I have worked at Charlotte Mecklenburg Library for twenty years. I believe in COSUGI, the conference and our partnership with SirsiDynix. My last campaign for treasurer ended in defeat by one vote. This time I’d like to win or tie. The incumbent, David Slater, has done a great job. So you really can’t go wrong either way…..I’m Michael Engelbrecht and I approve this message.


Name:     David Slater

Title:        Executive Director

Library:    Old Colony Library Network Inc.

I am seeking a second 2 year term as Treasurer. During my term, I've worked closely with the Board to ensure COSUGI's on going fiscal health. During my first term, I was able to increase the amount of income generated through savings account interest and worked with the Executive Assistant and accountant to streamline workflow and reporting.

I am looking forward to the opportunity to serve for another 2 year term.



Conference Chair-Elect



Name:     Jake Rundle

Title:        Technology Librarian

Library:    Hastings Public Library

After a few years of watching and waiting, it's time to jump in with both feet and get my hands dirty with the organizing of a COSUGI conference. This is one of the best organizations to interact with, and the connections we make at conference are not only great professionally, but fantastic on the personal level. I want to be a part of making a great conference.


Membership & Communications


Name:     Jaime K. Barrilleaux

Title:        Library Consortium Analyst

Library:    LOUIS: The Louisiana Library Network

I am the webmaster at LOUIS, designing and developing multiple websites and portals with LibGuides CMS. I am also the outreach and communication coordinator for the consortium. This means I am the resident social media butterfly, as well as the editor of LOUIS Lagniappe and discussion list co-coordinator. It was my privilege to serve as Secretary on the 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 COSUGI Executive Board and hopes to continue my work with Membership & Communications in 2017-2018. Visit my profile to learn more about me.


Name:     Shanna Clevenger

Title:        System Administrator

Library:    Delgado Community College

Shanna Clevenger is a Librarian on West Bank Campus and serves as the System Administrator for Delgado Community College Libraries.  I attended Southeastern Louisiana University where I attained my Bachelors and Masters in Education.  After a brief career as an elementary school teacher, I returned to LSU to obtain my Master’s in Library and Information Science. (MLIS) I love that I am able to use all of my education to enhance student learning and help them achieve their dreams.

As a librarian and system administrator, I am responsible for the library website, catalog, chat service, and electronic resources.  I love all things technology, gadgets, and helping others understand how to integrate technology in their lives. I feel these qualities will help me successfully serve as the Membership and Communications Chair.


SIG/RUG Liaison


Name:      Tyler Irvin

Title:         Technology Support Librarian

Library:     SELCO (Southeastern Libraries Cooperating)

I have been working in a Horizon consortium for a decade and an active member at the COSUGI conference for the previous three years. An engaged membership is key to a successful organization and I would like to facilitate with that with the SIG/RUGs.


Name:      Vickie Shumate

Title:         Catalog Librarian

Library:     Lubbock Public Library

I am officially nominating myself as a candidate for the COSUGI Board Position SIG/RUG Liaison. I am the head catalog librarian at Lubbock Public Library and currently hold the position of Secretary for South Central Unified Users Group (SCUGG). I have a number of strengths I would like to share. I have exceptional organizational skills, during the course of my career, I have designed and implemented many policies and procedure manuals for cataloging as well as technical services. I am methodological in recordkeeping and make sure to follow timelines. Equally, as a cataloger, it is my responsibility to make materials readily available to staff and patrons, which means dealing with diverse people. Likewise, as a supervisor, I have interviewed, hired, trained, evaluated, and even fired staff. In the same way, my love for organization and working with a variety of people is an indication of how I will undertake the SIG/RUG Liaison position.

Thank you for your time and consideration. If you need any additional information, feel free to contact me at 806-775-2850 or by email at anytime.


Name:      Larissa Sullivant

Title:         Head of Collection Services

Library:     Indiana University, Indianapolis, Ruth Lilly Law Library, Robert McKinney School of Law

I am running for the position of SIG/RUG Liaison. I started my professional career as a technical services librarian at the University of Michigan. Presently, I am Head of Collection Services at the Ruth Lilly Library, Robert H. McKinney School of Law in Indianapolis. I am new to COSUGI. It just so happened that the libraries I had worked at before used Innovative Interfaces products as their integrated library systems. Although I am a new COSUGI member, I am not new to serving on various professional committees and associations, both on the local and national level, and I can certainly bring a fresh perspective that would benefit the entire Sirsi/Dynix community. For example, I served on the Innovative User Group Nominations Committee and was a Michigan Innovative User Group liaison. While serving in these positions, I leaned the importance of a regional association for our libraries, from forming personal connections to nearby libraries to fostering ideas for library development from successes at these libraries. I value my committee experience and have learned much through association work and meeting attendance. If elected, I would want to maintain the opportunities COSUGI has historically provided for member education and networking, while exploring additional avenues to facilitate member relationships so that we can learn from each other and help each other. I became a librarian, because I am a firm believer in the power of information. This remains true and would guide my approach to the SIG/RUG Liaison position, should I be elected. Thank you for your consideration.


Enhancements Coordinator


Name:      Mike Dawe

Title:         Technology Librarian

Library:     Sonoma County Library

It is an honor to be nominated for COSUGI’s Enhancement Coordinator. A lot has changed over the years since I used “dot” commands with Dynix and configured Java WebPAC. However, one thing remains the same: the Users Group is an organization where we all speak the same language and work towards making our libraries great institutions.

During my 25 years in libraries, I’ve spend 16 years as working as a systems librarian. Highlights of that work have included a Dynix to Horizon migration, managing several subsequent system upgrades, and coordinating the selection process for my Library’s RFID self-checkout systems. Currently, I still administrate Horizon, Enterprise, SQL reporting and the affiliated services for my library.

Through it all, I have always known I could reach out and ask the group for their advice. In turn, I have been fortunate to offer my own insights to the group on the LISTSERVs, at the meetings, and in SPP groups. I have been fortunate to attend 10 of the last 16 CODI and COSUGI Annual Meetings. I’ve seen how vital the Users Group is for the success of SirsiDynix and our common library systems. As a group, we have helped shape the SirsiDynix products that we now use in our institutions. At this point in time, I hope to take a formal role in our group. As the Enhancements Coordinator, I want to ensure that our voices continue to be heard by the company and product development.


Name:      Chris Frezza

Title:         Head of Systems

Library:     Suburban Library Cooperative

I have been working in the Library World for 28 years now. We have been with Sirsi since 2001 and I have seen a lot of changes. I head up our automated system services for our 22 member Libraries in our Consortia. I think I would make a great candidate to see the enhancement process go forward in the future.


Name:      Janelle Zetty

Title:         Interim Head of Cataloging

Library:     University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Edith Garland Dupré Library

As a cataloger and SirsiDynix product user for almost ten years, I will bring enthusiasm and commitment to this position.  I enjoy learning the inner workings of SirsiDynix and believe that the best product comes from communication and collaboration between the creators and users.  In the two year commitment to the position, I will encourage COSUGI members to use the forums, track threads, recruit new moderators, give updates on the enhancement process at COSUGI, add polls to the enhancement forum, and facilitate the voting process.  In the past, I have monitored and developed my skills through SirsiDynix support discussion lists.  Now that my skills have become more seasoned, I would like to facilitate important decisions that affect my peers.  Plus, I would get the added benefit of meeting so many helpful and knowledgeable people!  Let’s work together.




Name:      Christopher Gorsuch

Title:         Head, Collection Management Services

Library:     LeRoy Collins Leon County Public Library System

I have been attending UUGI and COSUGI conferences since 2004, when our library’s DRA legacy system was replaced by UNICORN in 2003. I have successfully overseen our upgrade to Symphony and subsequently to SaaS in 2014, and conversion to RDA bibliographic records and authorities in 2015. I appreciate very much the role that COSUGI, as an association of customers of Sirsi/Dynix plays in the relationship of customer to vendor.

I have experience in managing the meeting minutes of the Florida State Libraries department heads/administration council from Aug. 2001 to Feb. 2004, while I was head of Cataloging for FSU libraries. In addition, I have served as secretary on several non-profit arts boards, including the Tallahassee Little Theatre (now Theatre Tallahassee) and the Tallahassee Civic Chorale. I currently write grants for the Chorale and have served as Librarian of the Tallahassee Community Chorus since 1995.

It is my hope to continue the good work begun by Jaime Barrilleaux, regarding her work on retention schedules, and in service to recording and correspondence. COSUGI has been an invaluable assistance in the progress the LeRoy Collins Leon County (Fla.) Public Library has made with our library management system; it is time for me to pay this forward, and therefore solicit your support for election as secretary.


Name:       Megan Lowe

Title:          Interim Assistant Dean/Coordinator of Public Services

Library:     University of Louisiana at Monroe

Megan Lowe has served the University Library of the University of Louisiana at Monroe since 2003. She has achieved both tenure and the rank of Associate Professor. She has chaired and served on several committees both in the Library and for the University, including serving on the Faculty Senate, as well as serving LOUIS: The Library Consortium in several capacities. She founded and edits a journal on academic libraries and librarianship known as Codex: The Journal of the Louisiana Chapter of the ACLR; she has also authored or co-authored several articles and a book chapter on topics pertaining to libraries and librarianship. She has chaired several committees for which she managed records; coordinated projects which required keeping documentation and communicating effectively with others; and served on the Faculty Senate as the parliamentarian. She appreciates the importance keeping track of tasks and information.