COSUGI Conference Sessions

Call for 2018 Conference Program Proposals
Please fill out this survey ( to submit your session proposals for next year's COSUGI conference, being held in Atlanta on April 16-18, 2018. We will email you within a few days, to confirm receipt of your proposals.
The final deadline to submit proposals will be November 24, 2017, after which the submissions will be reviewed by the Conference Committee in early December.
Please use the suggestions below from the Session Survey Results. 
Session Survey Results of Topics for the 2018 COSUGI Conference
Symphony Sessions
  • 9XX ordering Acquisitions
  • API
  • Floating Items. Any custom work that has been done to help will balancing collections automatically.
  • Hurricane or emergency situations preparations before and after storm or event
  • Managing serial control functions
  • Running Symphony on Smartphone and/or tablets
  • Specific tips and processes for creating student cards (linking with student IDs) in Symphony.
  • Statistics/Reports
  • Symphony System Administration
  • Symphony System Administration on SaaS.
  • Backup scripts; including how to refresh training database in a script
  • Creating MQ_View or SQL views
  • SQL Reports
  • Get automatic renewals for HORIZON!
  • Horizon System Administration
  • How to use MarcEdit in Horizon for global update and etc.
  • Stock rotation
  • Blue Cloud Acquisitions
  • BLUEcloud Analytics
  • Transitioning reports in Symphony to BLUEcloud Analytics - specifically, how people are actually using it - reports, dashboards, tips and tricks, etc.
  • BLUEcloud Cataloging
  • BLUEcloud Central
  • Mapping Horizon security to BLUEcloud Central security
  • BLUEcloud Circulation
  • BLUEcloud Mobile - Solus
  • Web Client. At one of our SirsiDynix coming to town events they talked about a version of our client, via the web.
Online Catalog/Hip/Enterprise
  • Enterprise CSS and theme customizations
  • Migrating to Enterprise from E-library
  • Obtaining stats from Enterprise using Google Analytics
  • Online registration
  • Using Enterprise as your library home page as well as your catalog
  • Vufind and other alternative interfaces working with Symphony.
  • Webservices - something practical on how to make use of the web services api
Non-ILS Sessions
  • A repeat of Eric's "how to give a presentation" session
  • Bibframe
  • Creating customized tutorials and helps for patrons and/or staff
  • Deployment/training plans for new clients (Blue cloud), and how to increase and measure foot traffic in libraries when many assets are going digital..
  • Explaining technical information to non-techies
  • How to use and/or archive social media
  • Innovative ways that the software facilitated programming or impact of programming/communication for public users or staff.
  • MARCEdit presentation
  • Open source solutions - VuFind, Book a Room (events calendar and meeting room software), WordPress in general.
  • Project Management Sofware
  • Reference/Research Instuction
  • RFID for Customers and material
  • Staff Training
  • Tech Skills Assessment During Hiring Process
  • Top technology trends
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