Pre-Conference Sessions

2019 Pre-Conference Sessions


COSUGI Sponsored

March 24, 2019
Enterprise Hackfest , 9 a.m. - 12 p.m., $50  - *Work with fellow SirsiDynix customers who also use Enterprise to get the most out of it for your library/system. Led by Tyler Irvin and supported by SirsiDynix staff, this hackfest should send you away with ideas for how to manage displays, edit widgets, and bend CSS to your will.
BCA Hackfest, 1:30 - 4:30 p.m., $50 - *Work with fellow SirsiDynix customers who also use BlueCloud Analytics to get the most out of it for your library/system. Led by Chanel Wheeler and supported by SirsiDynix staff, this hackfest should send you away with ideas to create reports and dashboards using BCA.
API Hackfest, 6:00 - 9:00 p.m., $50 - *Work with fellow SirsiDynix customers who also use API to get the most out of it for your library/system. Led by Mark Witteman and supported by SirsiDynix staff, this hackfest should send you away with code to get the most out of API.
* Bring your own laptop

SirsiDynix Sponsored Pre-Conference Sessions

NOTE: If you are a Platinum Customer, purchase your pre-conference training through SirsiDynix directly, to receive your Platinum Services Discount on top of any early-bird discounts available. Please do not register for classes on the COSUGI site if you have Platinum services.

*Bring your laptop to participate in Hands-On opportunities. All Classes will have hands-on labs for in class practice on test environments, or you may connect to your own instance.


Enterprise Administration Essentials – March 22, 9am – 12pm ($450 / $383 early bird)

You have Enterprise and it looks great. But, now you are being asked to add this or change that. How do you tackle common day-to-day changes in Enterprise?  This class is intended for staff tasked with the everyday administration of Enterprise. In this class, we will review:

  • Managing Rooms
  • Quick Search Buttons
  • Search Limits
  • Facets
  • Displays


Web Services – March 22, 1pm – 4pm ($450 / $383 early bird)

The SirsiDynix Web Services Workshop provides System Administrators access to the most recent SirsiDynix Symphony or Horizon Web Services. Topics covered will include:

  • REST calls for GET
  • POST methods
  • Formatting JSON body elements
  • Differences between our legacy Web Services and the new ROA Web Services
  • How to interpret requests and responses from various Web Services.


Enterprise Development Workshop – March 23, 9am-5pm ($1050 / $893 early bird)

This class is designed for administrators who wish to customize the Enterprise or Portfolio systems by writing their own scripts. The class will focus largely on:

  • The use of custom JavaScript and HTML Widgets
  • Roles played by HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery
  • Review of Document Object Model concepts
  • Specifics of the Enterprise DOM
  • Incorporating Symphony ILS Web Services

​​*Pre-requisites: While we don’t prescribe expertise in any particular language as a prerequisite, this class will frequently present examples in HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, and CSS, and will not serve as a tutorial for these topics. Although you won’t be expected to author in these languages from scratch during the course (cut-and-paste examples will be provided), it is recommended that you have at least some level of comfort to where you can “get the idea” of a script.


BLUEcloud Analytics – March 22, 9am – 4pm ($900 / $765 early bird)

The starter kit will take learners through the basics of using BLUEcloud Analytics, including:

  • Navigation & Preference Settings
  • Delivered Reports & Dashboards
  • Building Reports
  • Reports as Filters
  • Reusable Prompts, Filters and Groups
  • Creating Dashboards


BLUEcloud Analytics Advanced – March 23, 9am – 4pm ($900 / $765 early bird)

In this class learners will focus on more advanced topics, including:

  • Joining Tables
  • Joining Reports within Dashboards
  • Deriving Metrics
  • Importing Data
  • Creating Documents


Symphony Administration Essentials – March 23-24, 9am-4pm ($1800 / $1530 early bird)

Due to last year’s demand for this class and requests for more time, we are offering a full two days of Symphony Administration. This class is excellent for both new and existing Symphony administrators. In this class, learners will learn:

Day 1:
  • Staff Access
  • Hiding Policies
  • Toolbars
  • Overrides
  • Circulating Materials
  • Calendars
Day 2:
  • Administrative Reports
  • Designing Labels
  • Catalog Format Overview


API Regional Workshop I - March 21-24, 9am-4pm

API Subscription Required (register via Mentor)

The Symphony API: Regional Workshop I course teaches access to the core programming components of the Symphony system.

Topics covered include:

  • Tools that allow global selection, editing and removal of records (SERF tools)
  • Details on the client/server relationship
  • Tools that allow users to mimic global transactions such as charging, discharging, etc.


  • Familiarity with SirsiDynix Symphony Configuration/Administration
  • Familiarity with SirsiDynix Symphony WorkFlows
  • Familiarity with UNIX or Windows Server operating system
  • Knowledge of simple Perl or shell scripting techniques would be beneficial


API Regional Workshop 2 - March 21-24, 9am-4pm ($2800 for non-subscribers)

API Subscription OR $2800 (register via Mentor)

The Symphony API: Regional Workshop II course covers the topics of Symphony reporting, an Introduction to Perl, and writing to a spreadsheet in custom reports.

Topics covered include:

  • Programs that comprise the SirsiDynix Symphony reporting system
  • How the reporting system schedules and runs reports
  • Layout of the delivery report directory
  • Tools used by the reporting system
  • Special data files in the reporting system
  • Prompting side of reports and the various configuration files required to write promoting phases
  • Run side of reports and the layout of the run scripts
  • Printing and formatting reports
  • Suggested design cycle for creating reports
  • Basic Perl introduction
  • Writing spreadsheet output


  • Symphony API: Regional Workshop I
  • Familiarity with Symphony SERF tools and API transactions

**If you have an API Subscription, register via Mentor.