COSUGI 2023 Proposals

Call for proposals

The 2023 COSUGI Board invites presentations proposals for the 2023 COSUGI Conference taking place virtually April 25 – 27. 

Submit your proposal now!

We have gotten so many excellent suggestions for COSUGI presentations. Please consider these topics for inspiration for your own proposal. Remember you don’t have to fly solo. You can organize a lightning round or a panel or sharing session. 

  • Security (hardening systems, audio, encryption, MFA, etc.)
  • Data Control tips & tricks
  • BC Analytics (tips & tricks or working with MARC or for collection development info gathering)
  • Automating an academic library systems / processes
  • Cataloging tips (no ILS flavor mentioned)
  • Secure authentication (alternatives to SIP)
  • Best practices for integrating BC Course Lists into Canvas
  • Using BC Circ as your primary interface
  • Anything related to MobileStaff
  • Anything related to Portfolio
  • Horizon admin sharing
  • BLUEcloud tips & tricks (BC Central, BC Circ, and BC Cat)
  • Automating processes in Horizon
  • How to set up circ correctly in Horizon and/or Symphony
  • Implementing barcode validation in Symphony
  • Staff documentation
  • Collection development tips
  • What SaaS is like on Linux systems
  • What changes have made your work life better
  • How to get started with training for a newbie
  • How to master BC Analytics
  • Designing a website in Enterprise (via Rooms, I assume)

That temperature gauge is gradually creeping up but let’s put some heat under it!

You can submit proposals on the Cvent site. Be sure to get your proposal in by Friday, December 2. The conference will be April 25 – 27.

Presentation proposals are due Friday, December 2.

Let me know if you have questions:

Thank you,


Chanel Wheeler
COSUGI 2023 Conference Chair (April 25-27)
Systems Librarian
Yavapai Library Network
1971 Commerce Center Circle,
Suite A
Prescott, AZ  86301

Phone: (928) 442-5741