COSUGI Membership

Interested in COSUGI but would like to know more about the group, its purpose, and its members?

Please contact any of the COSUGI Executive Board members directly or see Article 4 of the COSUGI Bylaws for Membership categories and requirements.

Membership Details

  • Dues are $150.00 (US $) per year.
  • Membership year covers the calendar year: January - December.  Dues are NOT pro-rated.
  • Membership is open to all SirsiDynix customers with signed contract(s) for SirsiDynix products.
  • Membership is run by the COSUGI group and not SirsiDynix.
  • Membership is on an institutional, NOT a personal basis.  Consortia of libraries sharing a single Unicorn, Symphony, Horizon, or Dynix license are eligible for a single membership.

Membership Benefits

  • Legal right to access Unicorn, Symphony, Horizon, or Dynix source code in escrow in the event that the company folds.
  • Participation in election of COSUGI Board members and eligibility to run for COSUGI Board.
  • Opportunities to learn from other libraries using the system through the discussion lists, forums, and the COSUGI Users Group Web site.
  • Great value for the Virtual COSUGI Conference which is April 19-21, 2022
  • Eligibility for conference scholarships. You also have reduced cost to attend informal meetings at other major library conferences.
  • A coordinated enhancement process that actively impacts SirsiDynix product development priorities.

NEW Member Applications

Select, print, fill-out the Membership Application form and mail the form with check or credit card payment information to:

Frances Orton
COSUGI Membership and Web Coordinator
3214 N. University Ave. #333
Provo, UT 84604

Phone: 801-226-6054
Fax: 801-225-9366

Online COSUGI Membership Form

Renew and Pay Online here

Annual Dues: $150.00   

Membership runs from January 1 - December 31. Dues payments are not pro-rated.

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