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Conference Session Schedule
Session Name Virtual Session Session Speakers
↓ Apr 27, 2021 11:00 AM (GMT-05:00) Eastern [US & Canada] ↓
COSUGI Opening Session Join members of the SirsiDynix executive team for a fun, virtual opening session like never before! Attendees will hear from CEO Bill Davison about the latest company news, and Chief Product Officer Berit Nelson covering the newest features and functionality of your favorite products, and other surprise guest appearances. Tune in for prizes and surprises. We look forward to seeing you there! Bill Davidson, Eric Keith, John Chrastka, Berit Nelson
↓ Apr 27, 2021 12:10 PM (GMT-05:00) Eastern [US & Canada] ↓
Acq! Cat! Circ! What's new and what's coming with these BLUEcloud products! Come see what is new in BC Acquisitions, BC Cataloging, and BC Circulation. During this session, you'll learn about the latest developments in all three staff-facing products and find out what's planned for release during the coming year. Carla Clark, Mike Hilmo
Discovery: How to Engage Your Patrons and Keep Them Coming Back for More Your library is not generic. You have unique patrons with unique needs, so why shouldn’t your patron experience reflect that? The SirsiDynix Discovery Platform includes Enterprise, eRC, BLUEcloud Mobile, Visibility, and the forthcoming BLUEcloud Course Lists. This presentation will discuss how all of these products can work together to uniquely serve the needs of your patrons through powerful and engaging user experiences. Margaret Hansen, Rick Branham
Implementing a "Library of Things" collection in a consortial catalog Back in early 2018 the Libraries in Clackamas County, Oregon (a Symphony/Enterprise system) were offered seed money from their County's department of Sustainability and Solid Waste to start a Library of Things, a collection of non-traditional library items such as kitchenware, home electronics, musical instruments, games, and more, available for check out from a public library.

Over the course of almost two years a library staff implementation team researched and discussed different options for making it work for nine (9) libraries in their 13 library consortium of independent and autonomous libraries, looking at logistics, risk issues, programming, cataloging approaches, packaging, purchasing, marketing and more. After all the planning they had a successful Library of Things launch in September of 2019. Come hear about this work, what they learned, their bumps along the road (including the pandemic), and their triumphs!

Kathryn Kohl, Rosalie Carlson, Myron Mykyta, David Lippert
SirsiDynix Security and Privacy - New and Improved! Come learn about the SirsiDynix security and privacy updates from the past year, what we have in progress, and where we’re headed in the coming year. Ben Card
Updating LCSH Locally: Using Symphony Tools to Replace Problematic Terms Presenters from three different libraries will talk about how they are changing select subject headings. One is using reports in WorkFlows that edit bibliographic MARC tags. One is using SirsiDynix's new Data Control product. Yet another is making plans to cooperate with their authority control vendor to use local 6XX tags in place of the LC topical subject headings in 650 tags. Discussion of how terms were selected and how additional terms will be selected in the future will also be featured. Ross Betzer, Jeremy Bartczak, Dawn Mackey, Mark Witteman, Bruce Rennie
↓ Apr 27, 2021 1:00 PM (GMT-05:00) Eastern [US & Canada] ↓
Visit the Exhibit Hall Be sure to visit the exhibitors to see how they can support your vision for your library.

Note that the required hours for exhibitors to be in their virtual booths are 1-2pm. However, many of the exhibitors will be there the full day. Please don’t hesitate to pop in at any time.

COSUGI User's Group & Conference Sponsors
↓ Apr 27, 2021 2:00 PM (GMT-05:00) Eastern [US & Canada] ↓
BLUEcloud Analytics: New Frameworks, New Datasets, and More Come see how the BLUEcloud Analytics framework is growing to allow for scripted data uploads, ODBC connections for Horizon SaaS customers, Platform Analytics reporting showing you how your organization is using the product, and how a Private Intelligence Server can provide fine-tuned reporting. Greg Titze, Nate Barrett
Clearing Fines and Clearly Telling Our Story In April 2019 Dakota County Library celebrated Fine Forgiveness Week when customers' fines were automatically waived when they used the Library. The Library made thoughtful and intentional use of data before, during and following the event in order to gather a clear picture of how Library users experience fines. This session will cover various ways Dakota County Library used BLUEcloud Analytics to gather data for Fine Forgiveness Week: -Using BLUEcloud Analytics to estimate potential waiver totals for the event -Tracking waiver totals throughout the week
-Investigating past fine payment trends
-Estimating revenue impacts based on past trends
-Learning from past payment data to add context to the stories our customers shared about how fines impact them The event was very successful and helped support Library values of providing positive and welcoming experiences, and valuing free and open access. With the data gathered from this event, we are better able to clearly tell the story of how fines impact Library customers.
Christie Kess
Enhancing the Experience This session will discuss the enhancements process at SirsiDynix, and all of the ways customers can interact and influence software development currently . In this, the COSUGI Enhancements Coordinator and SirsiDynix’s Program Manager for Customer Engagement will discuss the enhancements system, now part of the SirsiDynix Customer Support Center, and discuss how customer voices help shape product development, and how customers can make the most out of open communication channels with SirsiDynix Product Development. Mike Dawe, Rachel Bowell
Library Connect: An open source solution for ConnectED Inspired by the ConnectED program, Multnomah County Library has created an open source solution for transferring student data from school districts to Symphony, allowing students to use their Student ID as their library card. This session will focus on the technology approach and issues. (The attached presentation is a draft which will be developed further.) Kate Carter, Matthew Timberlake, Andrew Livesay, Ann Knutson
MobileStaff: Takin' it to the Stacks MobileStaff enables you to work with patrons and items wherever they may be. We'll present an overview of features, and we'll highlight recent updates like contact-free self-check. Carla will talk about forthcoming enhancements. Carla Clark, Melissa Kulmer
↓ Apr 27, 2021 3:00 PM (GMT-05:00) Eastern [US & Canada] ↓
BLUEcloud Mobile, adapting to the pandemic Discover the creative ways that BLUEcloud Mobile is helping your library adapt to COVID-19. With features like Patron Self-Service and Click & Collect you can offer your patrons a contactless experience. Shelbi Schollenberger, Melissa Kulmer
Bridging the Digital Divide During the Pandemic and Beyond It is estimated that in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg community, nearly 20% of all households—or 80,000 households—lack a computer in the home. While many organizations and institutions rapidly transitioned to digital and online platforms to help serve their customers during the pandemic closures, this rapid pivoting in services left a whole segment of the population behind.

Funding from Coronavirus Aid, Relieve and Economic Security (CARES) Act as well as other sources, enabled the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library to start the MeckTech initiative. The MeckTech program gave away 2,000 refurbished computers to households without a computer. Learn about this initiative and the local partners involved, as well as the Chromebook lending program that rolled out during the pandemic.

Seth Ervin, Michael Engelbrecht
Exhibitor Showcase Marcive: Refine Your Catalog with MARCIVE's Bibliographic and Authority Services SWAN is a resource-sharing consortium with a catalog of over 1.5 million bibliographic records. We provide centralized cataloging services for our member libraries, and a minority of our members have staff catalogers submitting full records to our shared catalog. For many years we have relied on MARCIVE's authority and bibliographic processing to standardize our records and maintain our authority database.

We will discuss our service profile, showcase how it works for us, and present the specific considerations required to use the service in a Symphony environment including importing and exporting, database indexing concerns, and accommodating library migrations. We will also discuss how we went back to the drawing board and reconfigured our service plan when we required backfile processing following a large migration in 2018.

Our service profile includes Overnight Authorities, the Comprehensive Notification Service with NewMatch, Lexile and Accelerated Reader enrichment, and RDA Conversion.

Ligia Gomez, Scott Brandwein
Live From the Field: The BLUEcloud Library Staff Experience As SirsiDynix continues to add features and enhancements to their BLUEcloud suite of products, you might be wondering if it’s right for your library at this time. Join this session as INFOhio connects live with K-12 school library staff who use BLUEcloud Circulation, Cataloging, and MobileStaff daily in their libraries. They will each share their unique experience and answer questions from attendees. Juanita Markham, Janah Shumaker
SirsiDynix Symphony & Symphony Web: What’s New in 2021 We'll review recent Symphony releases and preview upcoming capabilities in Symphony and Symphony Web! Matthew Phillips
↓Apr 27, 2021 4:00 PM (GMT-05:00) Eastern [US & Canada] ↓
Adventures in Data Services Would you like to improve the quality of your Horizon or Symphony bibliographic and authority records? Do you need to add RDA or reading program information to your catalog (Lexile, Accelerated Reader, and Reading Counts)? Have better data for BC Visibility and BIBFRAME? Maybe you have duplicate records in your current database. If yes, then please join us as we discuss services designed to enhance the quality of your data. Our goal is to save time for your technical services department and to help your patrons find your material. Tracy Moyers
Exhibitor Showcase Unique: Modern Patron Communication & Engagement When was the last time you reviewed your virtual communications compared to your patron’s preferences? Many libraries fall into a communications “set it and forget it” trap. Through Unique’s “unique” position of working directly with library patrons virtually for the past 25 years, we’ve identified patron preference trends. We want to give you the insight to improve your processes and keep patrons coming back for more.

In this discussion, we’ll use actual patron data from ~60 library systems to discussa

• trends of how patrons prefer to work with their library virtually
• type of questions most asked
• best practices for improving your virtual service
• how patrons want to hear from you through your regular communications

Michael Kuhr
Horizon & Web Services: What’s New in 2021 We'll review recent Horizon releases and preview upcoming capabilities in Horizon, as well as discover how Web Services plays an integral role in the SirsiDynix Library Services Platform, BLUEcloud, and your Horizon system. Brent Thompson
No Stamps! No Problem! Customize Your Library Notices with HTML Due to budget cuts and the rise of postage, Waterloo Public Library needed to make a decision on how to save staff time and lower costs for all the print notices that were being sent out, plus the countless ones being returned due to our transient clientele. After COSUGI 2019, I brought back the idea of HTML notices to streamline our notifications and save staff time and decrease postage costs. With help from Lori Berg, our Sure Sailing Consultant, the marketing department and I collaborated on the language of our notices, look, and specific colors. Since starting the notices this past summer, we have seen an increase in online renewals, less staff time on the phone calling for hold pickups, and more. Currently we run 11 HTML notices daily. (Additional information on modifying during a pandemic!) Lori Berg, Kimberly Mashek
Single Sign-On as part of the user experience journey. Learn the benefits of Single Sign-On (SSO) a Single Sign-On has seen a clear upward trend the past few years. SirsiDynix’s new solution is able to deliver a secure and convenient way of authenticating both your library staff and public users. Whether or not your institution has its own Identity Provider (IdP) or you simply want to log in your users using Google, Facebook, the ILS, or your own IdP, we’ve got you covered with over 95% of the standard protocols utilized in the industry today. Enjoy the advantages and benefits of SSO for your library products, services and protected content. Learn how crucial this new tool is to your library in offering tighter security and a heightened experience for your end users. Ranny Lacanienta
↓ Apr 27, 2021 5:30 PM (GMT-05:00) Eastern [US & Canada] ↓
SirsiDynix Social: Progressive Dinner Appetizer - Berit Nelson
Specialty Cocktail - Rick Branham
Dinner - Lisa Witteman
Karaoke - Carla Clark & Jackie Prentice
Carla Clark, Lisa Witteman, Rick Branham, Berit Nelson, Jackie Prentice
SirsiDynix Social: Trivial Pursuit Play Trivial Pursuit with Eric Keith and Robert Storer Eric Keith, Robert Storer
SirsiDynix Social: Learn Chinese Meditation Falun Dafa Learn Chinese Meditation, Falun Dafa, with Claire Chen Claire Chen
SirsiDynix Social: Silent Disco & More Silent Disco, Watch the Dance, Guess the Song Melissa Kulmer
↓ Apr 28, 2021 11:00 AM (GMT-05:00) Eastern [US & Canada] ↓
Creating a Digital Reserves Workflow with Google Drive and SirsiDynix Symphony WorkFlows When the pandemic began, the need for a safe alternative to course reserves became apparent. Utilizing the usual course reserves system while safely quarantining the books was not feasible. In a cross-campus project the Fordham University Libraries built a digital course reserves system based on the principles of Controlled Digital Lending. The new system was built using Google Suite and created to interact directly with SirsiDynix Symphony via the Symphony's API.

Users have the ability to search and get information about item availability- both in terms of the digital copy and print copy- either directly in the Digital Reserves application or Symphony’s catalog (OPAC). The Symphony’s API allows the Digital Reserves application to have multiple points of access to the books on course reserves, creating a powerful interplay between the two platforms. Using course, bibliography, and item information obtained via theSymphony’s API, users can search by title, course name, course ID, or professor. Having used the Reserve functions prior to the pandemic, we were easily able to offer this search functionality.

This presentation will give an overview of the application and the administrative planning that went into the project while highlighting the interaction between Symphony and Google Drive to create a fully functional and automated controlled digital lending application named Fordham Digital Reserves. Participants who utilize Google Suites will be able to access and use the code to build the application in their own libraries.

Mariah Lewis, Nicholas Alongi
Discovery File Manager: A New Discovery Companion App For Easy Customization Management This session will discuss the enhancements process at SirsiDynix, and all of the ways customers can interact and influence software development currently . In this, the COSUGI Enhancements Coordinator and SirsiDynix’s Program Manager for Customer Engagement will discuss the enhancements system, now part of the SirsiDynix Customer Support Center, and discuss how customer voices help shape product development, and how customers can make the most out of open communication channels with SirsiDynix Product Development. Adam Viator
Enterprise and eRC roadmap as well as some fancy stuff from Rick! Learn about the recent improvements to the mobile user experience, review the roadmap for Enterprise and Portfolio, and join us in a focused conversation on the quality of the search experience and ideas on improvements that can be made. Nathan Peterson, Rick Branham
Feeling SaaSy: SirsiDynix SaaS from the Horizon perspective SirsiDynix's Software as a Service (SaaS) provides hosted Symphony or Horizon. This program is centered on The Charlotte Mecklenburg Library's 2019 migration to Horizon SaaS. We will talk about how I got buy-in for going to hosted Horizon and the migration process. We will end with a discussion of SirsiDynix SaaS (Symphony and Horizon). Michael Engelbrecht
THREE COVID RESPONSES: Using What You Have; Curbside Click & Collect; No-Contact Kiosks When COVID restrictions came into effect, libraries had to respond. Join our panel to hear how Brown County Library creatively re-purposed existing buildings and inexpensive supplies to provide COVID-restricted services to the public. Hear how Sonoma County Library added Click & Collect mobile functionality to give patrons an easy, additional way to communicate with the library for their curbside pickups. Hear from Sirsi about the new, oh-so-simple-to-use contact-free kiosk mode for MobileStaff. Maybe you have something from your library to share as well! Francis Beaumier, Carla Clark, Rauno Saarinen
↓ Apr 28, 2021 12:10 PM (GMT-05:00) Eastern [US & Canada] ↓
BLUEcloud eRM: e is for everyone BLUEcloud eRM is an electronic resource management system for libraries based on the CORAL open source software, delivered exclusively as a SirsiDynix-hosted service with end-to-end support. SirsiDynix chose to partner with the open source community to develop BLUEcloud eRM in recognition that electronic resource management systems are part of a larger network of systems and services that need to play well together. In this session, Andy will demonstrate the latest SirsiDynix-sponsored developments including updates to allow import of COUNTER Code of Practice, Release 5 reports. Andronikos Panayiotou
Data-Driven Analysis Big and Small : Using BLUEcloud Analytics for Informed Decision Making The Austin Public Library in Austin, TX, serves an ever growing population through our 21 locations, Bookmobile, History Center, and various outreach activities. Utilizing BLUEcloud Analytics (BCA) has allowed us to leverage our data to support data-driven decision making across the board. With over 1.1 million items, almost 800,000 users, a new library director and new performance measures with our city we needed ways to look at how we serve our community. This session will cover how we used BCA to provide data to our library commission and city council to support city wide initiatives; track and adjust business needs during the pandemic ; support special project; and share this information with library staff and administration. From supporting a new service model at a branch location to enriching a Role-Playing Game manual collection, BCA can provide useful insights to all levels of decision making. We will share techniques to create data points not natively collected by BCA and provide examples of our most complex reports. Tracy Boehm, Sarah Cronin
Experience BLUEcloud Now! From Pilot to Statewide: How INFOhio implemented BLUEcloud INFOhio, Ohio’s PreK-12 Digital Library, is a consortium of nearly 2000 libraries. We began setup and testing in 2018, moved into a pilot phase with over 90 libraries in January 2019 and then began offering BLUEcloud statewide August 1, 2019. Find out what you can expect on your BLUEcloud journey as we share our own experience, what we learned, and how it's helped our libraries function remotely during the pandemic. Juanita Markham, Janah Shumaker
How Do I List Thee? Let Me Count The Ways Do you have an urge to create lists of books?  Just like there are a number of reasons to create book lists (best sellers, award winning titles, curated staff collections, favorite cook books, community focused topics, meta lists), there are a number of approaches to creating digital Lists, Carousels or Book Shelves.  Come learn about a few methods to generate lists within Enterprise and external websites in this session, and share your own approach to list creation! Margaret Hansen, Melissa Kulmer
Roadmaps: The Big Picture Join us for a general session on SirsiDynix roadmaps. We’ll cover the general roadmap, with focus on areas that are a little off the beaten path including technology updates and products that aren’t covered in other sessions. Berit Nelson
↓ Apr 28, 2021 1:00 PM (GMT-05:00) Eastern [US & Canada] ↓
Visit the Exhibit Hall Be sure to visit the exhibitors to see how they can support your vision for your library.

Note that the required hours for exhibitors to be in their virtual booths are 1-2pm. However, many of the exhibitors will be there the full day. Please don’t hesitate to pop in at any time.

COSUGI User's Group & Conference Sponsors
↓ Apr 28, 2021 2:00 PM (GMT-05:00) Eastern [US & Canada] ↓
Considering Symphony Web The University of Virginia Library and associated UVa professional school libraries hoped to move all staff from WorkFlows to Symphony Web. This presentation will talk about the initial training effort, and then delve into the good and not-so-good about "WorkFlows in a web browser." Mark Witteman
Search me? Revealing BLUEcloud Search Service Once upon a time, you may have set up some search policies inside of BLUEcloud. But do you really know how BLUEcloud Search Service works? Do you know which products rely on BLUEcloud Search Service? How do you feel about setting up facets and limits? What's so fuzzy about search? Do I need a target? A Source? How does BCSS work with Z39.50 targets? Together we shall begin our quest for clarity. Carla Clark, SirsiDynix SD
SirsiDynix Symphony DataControl: An intuitive, Web-based interface for utilizing your API tools SirsiDynix Symphony DataControl is a newer browser-based interface for utilizing Symphony’s API tools. Learn how to join database tables, construct queries, output data, and make edits in batch with this intuitive, easy-to-use GUI for accessing all of your ILS data. Matthew Phillips
Stump the Horizon Chumps Bring your questions to stump the Horizon chumps. Seasoned Horizon system administrators will be available to answer questions on anything pertaining to Horizon. Mike Dawe, Lisa Broughman, Lynn Bertino, Kay Dunker, Phil Feilmeyer
There's a Report For That! Utilizing EDI Ordering and Reporting to Streamline Workflow Over the past several years, Waterloo Public Library has endured budget cuts which has affected staffing. Many times technical services staff were jettisoned off to circulation or reference leaving their tasks, such as cataloging materials, left untouched. One solution to budget cuts and staffing needs was to address workflows in technical services to determine efficient means of processing materials and getting items into the hands of patrons faster. Over the course of a year, changes were made that created huge benefits to our patrons. A + time professional librarian was hired to oversee technical services including the following transitions: processing of materials and catalog ing was transferred vendors who could do EDI ordering and invoicing completely electronically. The turnaround time from ordering materials to the patron’s hand became less than 2 weeks, instead of the previous 1-6 months. Having the orders completed electronically led to more holds being placed on items, such as movies, and items arriving before their on-shelf date. This effort wasn’t necessarily easy and has taken time. There has also been ongoing issues with pre-processed materials, and due to a shared catalog, bibliographic records can be complicated. However, the changes have proved beneficial and given patrons access to materials faster and increased available staff time for patron interaction. Topics covered: Shelf ready materials (with examples); Electronic order records/bibliographic records; Acquisitions workflow(ordering, processing, cataloging) Kimberly Mashek, Nick Rossman
↓ Apr 28, 2021 3:00 PM (GMT-05:00) Eastern [US & Canada] ↓
Building and Enhancing the OPAC with Symphony Web Services INFOhio supports more than 2000 libraries using the Symphony ILS. INFOhio currently uses Enterprise as the primary OPAC for students in grades 3-12. Younger learners currently use eLibrary because the customized interface is much simpler. This will change with the start of the 2021-22 school year as INFOhio discontinues using eLibrary and introduces its new kids OPAC and improvements to Enterprise using Symphony web services.

Participants will see a brief demonstration of Fetch, the new OPAC, and then we’ll take a close look under the hood to see just how web services are used to power Fetch. We will share the web services calls used, and we will discuss the tools and procedures used to build and test Fetch.

Since Enterprise is used for students in grades 3-12, and Fetch will be used for younger learners, efforts have been made to tie both applications together so users may move from Fetch to Enterprise seamlessly. With a new web-based admin tool, library support staff can customize basic Enterprise and OPAC settings without the need for Enterprise admin accounts. We will explain how the web-based admin application works.

The presentation will conclude with Q & A.

Mike Ridinger
CloudSource OA: The Easy and Affordable Way to Deliver Open Access Content to Your Users CloudSource OA makes it easy for your library to take advantage of the growing body of Open Access content available today. Both public and academic libraries can make an impact with a comprehensive collection of vetted, quality OA articles, eBooks and more. Join Rick and Carolyn to learn how libraries are enhancing services and saving money with this innovative content platform. It's not too late to join the ongoing pilot program. Carolyn Morris, Rick Branham
Exhibitor Showcase Niche Academy: How to double your program participation in one year. It’s possible to dramatically increase circulation of your electronic resources but most libraries don’t see those results because they don’t address the real barriers to adoption. Traditional resource promotion methods (signage in the library, social media posts…) may help with awareness, but they don’t overcome technical obstacles and they don’t help patrons connect the eResources with their own real needs and interests. More effective online training for patrons and staff is the key to successfully addressing those barriers. It’s likewise possible to dramatically increase library program participation but most libraries don’t see those results because they don’t have a good system for making programs available online. Traditional program delivery methods (in-person, or live online events), by definition, can only reach people within specific time and location constraints. Making great program experiences always available online is the key to successfully increasing program participation. Jared Oates
If you build it, they will come: Developing Core Application Services Application development in all industries, including library systems, has been transformed in the past five years and promises to stay on the path of continuous change. With the growing domination of cloud-based services, integrated library systems and library service platforms are moving to the web and providing developers an opportunity to hook into these development efforts through web services.

We will share some collaborative development projects we’ve created in the past couple of years working with library vendors, partner libraries and organizations, and the open source community. Specially we will share work on delivery labels, reciprocal borrower verification, online patron registration, last copy processing, notification delivery tracking and OCLC holdings management.

Rudy Host, Scott Brandwein
Simplified data access with Xataface Xataface is an open-source tool that sits on top of a database. It provides a flexible framework that takes care of the "heavy lifting" of designing a web form: page layout, text boxes, drop-down lists, calendar popups, etc. It creates a standardized web interface for the end user so they don't have to learn yet another piece of software for each set of data. The Westminster Public Library is using it to track a variety of data: PC & peripheral inventory, software licenses, material purchase requests, statistics and more. Come and see how you might use Xataface at your organization. Eric Sisler
↓Apr 28, 2021 4:00 PM (GMT-05:00) Eastern [US & Canada] ↓
COSUGI Business Meeting Please join the COSUGI board for the COSUGI Annual Business Meeting. Even if you are not the voting member, or a member of COSUGI, you are welcome to attend. Board members will update you on what hte Board has been doing.l We also want to hear from you about your conerns and ideas. Your contribution is important to COSUGI. Agenda items include the upcoming election and proposed changes to the bylaws. Pat Beers, Mike Dawe, Rhonda Gould, Chris Magnusson, Christopher Gorsuch, Mark Witteman, Reina Willams, Teddy Claypool, Michael Engelbrecht, Anita Winger
↓ Apr 29, 2021 11:00 AM (GMT-05:00) Eastern [US & Canada] ↓
SirsiDynix Executive Q&A Take the opportunity to have your questions answered by the Executive Team of SirsiDynix. Questions submitted to the COUSGI chair-elect will be answered with time at the end for additional questions from the audience. Do not miss this opportunity to hear answers straight from the top. Scott Wheelhouse, Bill Davidson, Eric Keith, Carolyn Morris, Tim Hyde, Teddy Claypool, Berit Nelson
↓ Apr 29, 2021 12:10 PM (GMT-05:00) Eastern [US & Canada] ↓
BLUEcloud Course Lists: bridging the triangle between library, faculty, and students BLUEcloud Course Lists is a resource list management system that lets library and teaching staff work together to facilitate access to library resources to support learning and teaching. In this session, Andy will bring participants up to date with the latest features and planned developments. Andy is joined by Lynn Bissonnette, Library Systems Administrator at Université de Moncton. Lynn will discuss the Library’s motivations for implementing BLUEcloud Course Lists, their experience having undergone implementation and commencing rollout, and lessons learned to date. Lynn Bissonnette, Andronikos Panayiotou
Consulting Services: A Catalog of Possibilities What is Consulting Services offering from their new catalog of custom solutions? Learn about the smart solutions for Enterprise, Horizon, and Symphony. Let's also explore how you can realize these customizations as well as bespoke solutions for your library. Margaret Hansen
Using Symphony Web Services in Spreadsheets The Symphony Web Services API can be used by non-programmers. Standard web services REST requests can be pulled directly into spreadsheets for display and analysis. This presentation will demonstrate some practical applications of this method using Excel spreadsheets and Google Sheets. There will be a discussion of advantages and pitfalls. Mike Waugh
Monitoring library servers & online services with Nagios Libraries have a lot of online services available for both patrons and staff. Monitoring is often non-existent, so support staff must rely on library staff and patrons to report problems. Nagios is an open-source server and service monitoring tool. Automation Services staff at the Westminster Public Library began using Nagios in 2019. Along the way we found additional uses: toner cartridge replacement notification, public PC status, software license expiration tracking and more. Come learn from their experience and see if Nagios might be useful at your library. Eric Sisler
We all Need a Mentor Learn about best practices and techniques for keeping your staff up-to-date on the latest features and products. Get a tour of great tools in Support and Mentor that can greatly simplify your task as the training coordinator. Bring any questions you may have about keeping your staff well informed. We are passionate about how continuous training improves performance; and want to share our expertise with you. Becky Muller
↓ Apr 29, 2021 1:00 PM (GMT-05:00) Eastern [US & Canada] ↓
Visit the Exhibit Hall Be sure to visit the exhibitors to see how they can support your vision for your library.

Note that the required hours for exhibitors to be in their virtual booths are 1-2pm. However, many of the exhibitors will be there the full day. Please don’t hesitate to pop in at any time..

COSUGI User's Group & Conference Sponsors
↓ Apr 29, 2021 2:00 PM (GMT-05:00) Eastern [US & Canada] ↓
CloudSource OA: The Easy and Affordable Way to Deliver Open Access Content to Your Users CloudSource OA makes it easy for your library to take advantage of the growing body of Open Access content available today. Both public and academic libraries can make an impact with a comprehensive collection of vetted, quality OA articles, eBooks and more. Join Rick and Carolyn to learn how libraries are enhancing services and saving money with this innovative content platform. It's not too late to join the ongoing pilot program. Carolyn Morris, Rick Branham
Consortia Special Interest Group: Who We Are & Why You Might Be One Of Us! The collaboration of libraries results in some arrangements that are called library consortia; whether it be towards shared collections, resource sharing, group-purchasing, e-book licensing, and interstate library delivery, we represent all the variety. We will talk about some of our implementations with the tools provided under SirsiDynix’s library services platform, which is more than just the ILS. This meeting will include some of the business and planning of our Fall 2021 event. We invite anyone interested and wondering “do we fit in?” to find out more about this group. Aaron Skog
Introducing the Community Engagement Platform 2.0—a major leap forward. Bringing significant enhancements to the Community Engagement Platform, version 2.0 brings not only wholly new features and enhancements but full marketing automation. Listening for changes in your ILS and marketing data, CEP will act on changes now and send emails, text messages and much more.

Join Robert Storer, CEP Product Manager and Director of Marketing at SirsiDynix takes you on a tour of what's new with CEP 2.0. Here are some of the things you can expect to hear about:
• Send newsletters, welcome emails, event information and more with easy-to-use Email templates
• Connect more meaningfully with your patrons and boost open rates by sending specific, targeted messages with easy to build, dynamic patrons lists called Segments
• Easily send texts to your patrons about approaching due dates, overdue fines using, and renewal notifications using the SMS feature
• Effectively integrate forms and surveys into your marketing campaigns with the intuitive WYSIWYG Landing Pages feature
• Receive feedback via surveys from your patrons using Forms
• Send targeted, multistage campaigns with CEP’s flexible and configurable Campaign builder

Plus CEP 2.0 still handles event and room booking, registration and ticketing, and a calendar for both staff and patrons. You won’t want to miss this exciting session. See you there!

Robert Storer
Rec & Read: Expanding library services with Outreach kiosks. Even before the 2020 pandemic, Westminster Public Library had been looking for ways to re-invent itself as a brand that exists outside four walls. Since the buildings were closed for much of the year, timing was ideal to expand library services into the community by partnering with local recreation centers and installing two NovelBranch mini-library kiosks from TLC•SmartTECH — the first of their kind in the United States. To the delight of recreation staff and guests, the “Rec & Read” kiosks went live in February 2021. Join us as we discuss grant funding, staging the kiosks, analyzing community profiles to get the right mix of materials and formats, setting up Horizon and ESIP, working with our implementation team, establishing new processes for library staff, and benefitting from the expert guidance of TLC*SmartTECH staff. Veronica Smith, Rebecka Anderson, Jean Ward
R-F-I-D in the time of C-O-V-I-D The journey to upgrade to an RFID tagged management and circulation system began in 2013, but it was not until fiscal year 2019/20 that it was finally authorized by local government. Since then, many events (including the current pandemic) have served to delay implementation of the project, but is nonetheless progressing. In this presentation, I will outline what is needed to initiate a needed, expensive and potentially disruptive project through a mid-sized library system. I will also discourse on some of the problems that were unique to Leon County, Florida, and others that were unique to the pandemic, and still others that other libraries may find commonality. The close relationship with our primary vendor, Bibliotheca is noted and appreciated. The lessons learned here may be applied to other staff and resource intensive projects of this magnitude. Christopher Gorsuch
↓ Apr 29, 2021 3:00 PM (GMT-05:00) Eastern [US & Canada] ↓
Automating record loads using scripts and API’s in Sirsi Symphony Discussion of how NC State University Libraries uses 9xx (949; 985; 980; 987) fields configured in YBP/GOBI records to load order, invoice and bibliographic data into our system and what materials we are loading via this mechanism (DDA; Firm order (e & print); Approval orders (e & print); Shelf-ready items). We’ll discuss the GOBI technical specifications to get the records output with needed fields, and placed in ftp files for retrieval. We’ll provide examples of records with 9xx fields; and walk through our various record load workflows and processes. We’ll discuss the various scripts and APIs we use to process and load the records. Maintenance of the scripts will be covered, as well as ‘gotchas’ and potential problems to watch out for.

Collaboration between IT & Acquisitions & Discovery (as well as a changed culture around cataloging records) is critical for the success of these automated loads. The flexibility afforded by our Discovery layer also allows us to take advantage of automated loading efficiencies.

Lynn Whittenberger, Dawn Pearce
Horizon Lightning Talks Seasoned Horizon administrators will present five, 10-minute talks on topics they think you should know about: We All Have Preferences : the ins and outs of preference groups; Bib report, or, creating an mq_view; Hotspots, Usage Statistics, and Itypes, Oh My!; Horizon Beta Testing; Rebuilding Request Pull Lists for Non-SQL Users Phil Feilmeyer, Kay Dunker, Cheryl Hill, Lynn Bertino, Mike Dawe
Web Services for Symphony: The Flexibility to Extend Your Services Web Services offers you the flexibility to extend your system to better meet local staff and end user needs. Join us to learn of projects you can consider and a Q&A. Brent Thompson
Why not an Academic SIG? The academic library customers of SirsiDynix should get formally organized! If we form a Special Interest Group (an "Academic SIG") we can learn from each other and collectively advocate for SirsiDynix software and service updates that meet our specific needs. The Consortia SIG does this to great effect. The presenter will talk about current projects and needs at the University of Virginia Library as a starting point, and initiate a general conversation on how we can start working better and smarter together! Mark Witteman
↓ Apr 29, 2021 4:00 PM (GMT-05:00) Eastern [US & Canada] ↓
API Lightning Round Come learn about project that have been built on Symphony APIs.

Some SQL in a custom report, Mark Witteman. The presenter will describe how he is using SQL make a cusotm report script faster and easier to read and troubleshoot. The custom report writes data for invoice lines to a CSV file.

Holds Ratio Report, Nathan Pauley. To make a better tool for our collection development librarians, we created a new holds ratio report built with JavaScript, Perl and API. This web-based report makes it easier for library staff to see which titles might need additional orders to help keep up with demand.

Book bundles at Kent District Library, Aaron Thomas. As branches shut down for COVID, we were trying to find new ways of getting items to patrons. One idea was the KDL Book Bundle. Book bundles are curated bundles of books (or AV material) with 5-10 items depending on topic. If patrons request a bundle online via the online form (kdl.or/book-bundle), staff members choose items for the bundle and place them on hold for the patron to pickup. Patrons love the bundles! As requests increased, we created a webform to do in one step what used to require 3 steps for staff in WorkFlows.

Using Teletask to send voice and SMS notices, Francis Beaumier. Brown County Library’s telephone messaging server needed to be retired before the Microsoft end-of-life date. So, we weighed our options by using reports from the old system. Learn how we saved money by replacing its functionality with cloud-provider Teletask and a renewals line. Furthermore, in the midst of our voice notification migration, our home-grown SMS notifications began to fail, too. Learn how we migrated those to Teletask as well.

Francis Beaumier, Aaron Thomas, Nathan Pauley, Mark Witteman
Horizon System Administrator Discussion session Join other Horizon System Administrator in a lively discussion about our challenges, triumphs, and trials. Kay Dunker
Monitoring Symphony Health Using Zabbix This session will cover using the free open source tool Zabbix to monitor various health aspects of your Symphony system. Using Zabbix you can create alerts to notify you when problems occur, or even just remind you that you need to update the system calendar. The session will also discuss methods to setup automated responses you can use to fix commonly occurring problems automatically, thus freeing up admin time. John Wohlers
Working Smarter Not Harder: A Self-Efficacy-Based Training Model for System Administrators Training for roles like Symphony system administrators that require specialized skills can be a challenging and time-consuming effort. This session will discuss LOUIS’ new self-efficacy-based training program for system administrators and how this training model can extend to all types of roles in libraries. LOUIS developed Moodle courses that leveraged existing SirsiDynix-developed self-paced Mentor courses, while allowing for customization of learning pathways, self-assessment, and credentialing. Attendees will learn how we developed the current competency and self-efficiency-based model, the challenges that forced us to rethink the way we handle training, and the lessons we learned during development. After this session attendees will understand the training model so they can replicate it in their own organizations. Teri Gallaway, Laurie Blandino, Mike Waugh
What's new with BLUEcloud Central and BLUEcloud Search Come see what is new in BLUEcloud Central and BLUEcloud Search. During this session, you'll learn about the user security enhancements we've recently made to include a simpler and sleeker user experience when managing privileges and users. We'll also discuss the improvements we made to BLUEcloud Search, and you'll get an opportunity to learn how to improve your search experience in BLUEcloud products. Finally, you'll see what's planned for release during the coming year. Carla Clark, Mike Hilmo